International Child Abduction

The Firm assists in matters of international child abduction or detention abroad by placing the interests of the child, the law and humanity at the center of its work. The priority of our Firm is the interest of the child abducted from a parent and the family environment in which he was born and developed. For this reason, we legally assist, in Italy, Spain and abroad, the parent who reports the child’s abduction or detention in a foreign country. The activities, in this delicate matter, are divided into three fundamental steps:

  1. Opening of the case with the ministerial authorities and competent central authorities, both in Italy, Spain and abroad.

2.Support in the eventual location of the minor in the state of refuge, this if there is reticence on the part of the parent.

  1. Judicial actions for the return of the minor, both in Italy, Spain and abroad, on the basis of the following legislative instruments:
  • 1980 Hague Convention on the civil aspects of international child abduction;
  • Community legislation (EC Regulation 2201/2003);
  • Italian legislation;
  • Legislation of the foreign country where the minor is located.

In identifying the applicable law – a decisive operation for obtaining the return of the minor – a detailed examination of the case will be necessary, taking into account the foreign state in which the minor is located, its laws on the matter, its accession (with or without reservations ) to the Hague Convention or other treaties, the timing and costs of justice in that safe haven state.

Attis Legal has gained extensive experience, in cases of minors stolen and taken abroad, both in EU countries and in countries that present particular difficulties, such as Kazakhstan. The Firm has provided assistance before international Courts (Taraz, Kazakhstan), as well as in criminal proceedings in which one of the parents was accused of the crime of international abduction of the minor and his detention abroad.